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Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you want to learn a new type of sport? Maybe you’re ready to introduce your child, or children, to the games you love? At Prospects Collegiate Recruiting, we can offer you some of the best instructors in the local area. Our sports instructors are available to ensure that you or your loved ones improve their skills with each passing session. If you are in the area want to get in touch with us, reach out through our booking form.

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Our sports instructors ensure maximum support during your training sessions. At Prospects Collegiate Recruiting, we know that each person has unique skills and weaknesses, so we create bespoke training programmes to ensure you are accordingly attended to based on your specific needs. When you hire us, you’re ensuring you receive training that will help you not only to master your chosen sport, but also make sure that you have fun while learning. Our instructors bring an air of encouraging positivity to the lessons, so clients feel relaxed and focused during each of our sessions.

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All our equipment is safe and well-maintained – an essential aspect when it comes to providing a fun atmosphere for our trainees that ensures optimum performance and consistent learning. Our customers have always given a good review after learning with our sports instructors. We continuously strive to stay above our competition with our work ethic and outstanding customer relationships that we have fostered ever since we began coaching. With many different sport training sessions on offer, we have something for everyone.


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